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Tomato Can Press publishes poetry chapbooks, with an emphasis on formal poetry. It is located in Seattle, Washington.

Please contact to order published titles or for submission information.

Titles may be purchased with check or by PayPal.
Recently published

The most recent publication from Tomato Can Press is Seeing in the Dark, a collection of nineteen poems by Kristin Roedell. These clean, uncluttered poems concern universal issues: aging, love, parenthood, and loss. Ms. Roedell's poems--most of which have previously been published elsewhere--will appeal broadly to lovers of poetry. xii + 41; $8 postpaid.

Previously published

The Philiad; or, Dr. Phil Meets Agamemnon, Dan Gunter (September 2007). The Philiad is a one-act parodic verse drama that answers the question, What if Dr. Phil invited the members of the House of Atreus--Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, and their children--onto his program for counseling?

This relatively long poem (26 pages, approximately 700 lines) is a compendium of poetic forms. It is written principally in heroic couplets, blank verse, rhymed tetrameter couplets, and ballad stanza. It also includes a villanelle and an extensive section of notes on the poem's classical background. $6 postpaid.

Lost Gospels of Atlantis and Other Poems, Dan Gunter (October 2009). This collection of 18 poems--both free verse and formal--inquires into the nature and possibility of faith in a fractured world. $7 postpaid.

In 2010, Tomato Can Press will publish Dan Gunter's Songs of Neanthus; or, Greecey Kid Stuff: Being a Collection of Poems Whose Iambic Feet Trample Classical Mythology (and Dante Alighieri). In these formal poems, the poet reimagines Greek myth and legend. For example, the poem "Odysseus to Calypso" assumes that Odysseus remains with Calypso and does not return to Ithaca and Penelop; "Dido's Later Song" assumes that Dido convinces Aeneas to remain with her. In "An Infernal Suite," Dante learns that his vision of Hell is precise--but that he himself is one of the damned.
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